Ralph Edward Easterling born in Detroit I attended Highland Park High school and Central Michigan University. I have played piano and gospel music since the age of five.  Christian, husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, cousin, uncle, musician, mortgage consultant, business owner/Acquisition Mgr., LegalShield Associate, friend and neighbor.  I wear a few hats.

This site was put together by me to share my experience and knowledge in the mortgage industry so that others will be able to benefit and achieve the American Dream, home-ownership.

My work principles are based on experience service and results. I have been originating loan for over 26 years. I have been with my current company 1st. Credential Mortgage for the last 24 years.  Associate turn over is very high in this industry but this speaks too loyalty security and stability in providing consistent home buyer education direction and opportunities. In that time my first time buyers are now my investor clients and some of there children are my first time buyers, WOW!

In an attempt to offer more value added service eight years ago I received my insurance and two securities licence. Thereby providing a full financial perspective and analysis for each individual prospect.

My current added endeavor in establishing RSZ Acquisitions, LLC. We purchase real property for cash at a discount from motivate sellers and/or distress properties and in turn wholesale those to other investors/contractors to fix and flip to the end user is exciting and fun.

Last by not lease we have join the ranks of the network marketing professionals to provide affordable unlimited legal access and Identity protection to the masses for as little as a dollar a day.  I challenge anyone to show me a better service and value.  I’m ALL IN! For all the information and to sign up go to: http://www.ralpheasterling.legalshieldassociate.com


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